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Overview of Snow and Ice Issues in WNY
Ice build up on homes or any roof in Western New York is common here and not a problem created by the roof system. Regardless of what type of roof system is installed, ice dams can form. Ice is a direct effect caused by excessive heat loss from the home or building and improper ventilation and or insulation. The style of the home, its framing method, and various other factors will determine how to tackle the ice damming issue. The solutions are not crystal clear and may be different for each home.
Insulation:   Ventilation
With the design of certain homes, it is possible that no insulation can be added. This is why we use our roof top insulation system we call the “sandwich”. This system, installed directly on the existing roofing, allows added insulation to help mitigate your heat loss. As mentioned, it is only one of the two suggestions that could help in mitigating ice buildup that leads to leaking.   The second potential remedy is the installation of a thermostatically controlled attic exhaust vent. The objective of an attic exhaust vent for winter is to dilute the warm air lost from the home with cold air from your vented soffits or gable louvers. The goal is to get your attic spaces to 32 degrees or below to prevent melting of rooftop snow, which causes ice dams. The installation of this fan, as well as updated and proper insulation can create the “perfect” attic environment.
Our sandwich insulation has over the years worked extremely well for us in combating this age old problem.
However we want to make it perfectly clear there is no guarantee that we can stop your ice issues, and that problems or leaks caused by ice are not covered by a warranty.
Snow Guards
Snowbloxs are designed to help control snow slides that may occur on steel roofs. If you hold snow and ice in place with an effective snow guard layout, you can evenly distribute the load on the roof and the snow guards and the threat of avalanche is effectively eliminated. They are recommended over garage doors, decks, porches and man doors, as well as some other areas determined by the design of the structure. A nice feature is they can be installed at any time of the year. 

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