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Just Barns Inc
Java Center
New York

Just wanted to let you know how the attic venting project worked out this winter. EXCELLENT!
Although the winter was fairly mild, January and February were cold and snowy enough to test the system. I did what you told me and turned the thermostat back to 32 degrees. Also I installed a wireless thermometer with the transmitter in the attic next to the thermostat and the digital read out on top of the refrigerator. I can monitor the temperature in my attic from downstairs. The main thing I noticed was most of the time the fan did not even have to come on. The venting with the soffits cut out was sufficient enough to keep it below freezing without the fan coming on. The only time the fan ran, rarely, was when we had extreme temperature fluctuations. Thus cooling the attic as the colder air moved in. One last thing, I noticed by the vent being on the north side of the roof, away from the weather elements, the snow actually drifted around the vent louvers, leaving the louvers exposed so if the fan came on , everything worked fine.
God Bless
Dave S
West Seneca, NY

"Looks real good" doesn't quite do it justice!!
It looks great- phenomenal even!! Your crew is unbelievable! Great work ethic, great ability, great results. Barb and I were talking about how there is no idle chatter on the job- NO PROFANITY AT ALL! NO CELL PHONES!! The only talk we hear is job related. They have been great walking around the horses and lending Barb a helping hand at times. They were here before the sun rises, before the time change and now they work until the sun sets. I don't know if this work ethic is trained in by you and your leaders or its a requirement to be hired- but they are NOT the average construction crew, not even the above average crew.
They are the best and I hope that you are proud of them! We are appreciative of their work and letting them know they are doing a great job-but it never hurts to the the Big Boss either.
Dave W
Orchard Park

Hi Jeff and Dawn,
Words can't express how happy we are with our new barn and how happy we were with Just Barns work crew. Brian, Gary and Matt did a great job and were a pleasure to work with. I looked forward to seeing them everyday and will miss seeing them every morning. Thanks for making the commitment to come this far to do our work.
I never thought I would own this barn and furthermore never thought I would be able to restore it. How lucky I was to see that little ad for Just Barns in the pennysaver a few years ago. Without your expertise it would have never been possible. Thanks!!
I think our renovations are done but a future roof may have to be in our plans. Just Barns, Inc will get that call when the day comes.
Thanks for all your help!
Jeff and Marie F
Churchville, NY

Hi Jeff,
I hope this email finds you and your team doing well. I just wanted to say thank you for the great job on our home. The guys were very professional and cleaned up after themselves everyday and made it look like they were never on site. We love the look of the steel on our home and will be adding an addition on in the next few years and I will be in touch for that roof.
Very Happy Customer
David D.

Hi Jeff,
Just wanted to say the new roof looks great. Brian and crew were very professional and did a really nice job right up to the clean up. Thank you and the crew for great work!! An all around great business experience from beginning to end. Thank you!
Kevin and Cindy

The roofing job has been a long time coming, per scheduling. Your men stuck thru the harshness of snow/wind/cold. It reminded me of when I was doing foundation work many years ago, through the same conditions. It can be done, just takes twice as long. Thank you for your work.
Ray and Pat

March 27, 2014
Jeff and Just Barns Inc.

For years and years we have struggled with roofing issues at our office building in Orchard Park. To recap, we experienced leaking problems and terrible ice buildup along the north and south sides of the entire building. In our hopes to solve the problems we accepted ideas and advice from numerous contractors across all different fields…roofing, heating, insulation and electrical contractors. This being said obviously our problems were very serious. All the contractors had what we thought were very good ideas to help our problem and hopefully alleviate it completely. We added insulation to the attic…didn’t work. We added 6’ of ice and water shield to the roof…didn’t work. We installed two rows of steel along the edge of the roof to stop the ice…didn’t work. We installed twirlly bird roof vents…didn’t work. We installed exhaust fans…didn’t work. We had an exaggerated ridge vent built along the entire building…didn’t work. (Some of these steps did slightly help). After spending thousands of dollars on these different solutions none completely did the trick. That being said, we were forced to deal with the leaking and all the ice problems. This led us to do some research on steel roofs.
After speaking with several steel roofing contractors, Just Barns included, and listening to their ideas we came to the conclusion Just Barns and you were the best. No one else provided as thorough of an explanation of our issues and possible solutions to solve the problems as you. You listened to our history, looked at all the issues at hand in great detail and came up with great solutions. Obviously the solution for the roof was easy…STEEL and was the only way to go. We felt your ideas to solve the icing issues and remedy our other problems made the most sense.
Your “sandwich” insulation solution on the roof worked exactly as described and I would recommend it to anyone. Our icing problem is 98% better. The only reason I say it’s not 100% is because we haven’t had an entire winter to gauge the problem but this winter was long enough to say the problem is basically gone. Our roof was completed the end of January and this winter being the hardest in years still gave us plenty of weather to gauge the results. Your ideas to wrap our heating ducts with the insulation to minimize heat loss, installing fans at the gable ends to introduce cold air and remove warm air did the trick to alleviate the ice. Additionally our concerns over snow sliding off the roof into our parking lot you addressed with your “snow bar” and again this worked perfectly as you said it would.
Everything you promised was delivered and exceeded our expectations. All your workers and office staff were great to deal with…pleasant and courteous. We couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. Everything works as promised and looks great. I would be happy to recommend you to anyone thinking of a steel roof. Thanks for removing one of the biggest headaches from our life.

Jake and Herman Sapio

Just a quick note to Jeff and staff, fantastic experience in all aspects of the project! Thank you and have a wonderful year.

Kevin P
Bergen NY

Jeff, Foreman & Crew
A quick note to say "thank you" for doing such a great job in putting a new steel roof on our house. It really looks beautiful and we are so happy we chose Just Barns to put the new roof on our home. To the foreman and crew- great job and you guys are amazing.

Dave and Glenda P
Alden, NY

A big thanks to all at just Barns who worked on our home. It is excellent...our new roof of metal, vinyl siding on the dormers and the beautiful cupola that people just stop, admire, stare at and wish for.
All the workers, Mark, Ryan, Dave, Paul and Trevor, showed great work ethic and a high passion for perfection. We thank them for all the little things they did that contributed to an excellent job. And hats off to Dan, the best site foreman I ever met. Very knowledgeable, fair, and driven to excellence. The cleanup was most impressive but the work is outstanding. "You only get what you pay for"; "The sweetness of the cheap price is soon forgotten when the quality of the work is realized." Talk about value for your money. Please post this for all customers. And I will answer questions and give tours like the people before us, just ask! And we are not related to anyone or work at Just Barns.
Like you, my friend, I came into this store very skeptical. I figured this is the Cadillac of Roofers and I'll just get an estimate to compare with others. Just look at the beautiful show room. I had seven estimates and Just Barns was not the highest or the lowest but actually in the middle. But they were the only ones who suggested putting vinyl on the six dormers so we wouldn't have to stain the dormer wood again. This is big, very big, in my eyes. And extremely big in my wife's mind...at seventy she does not want me on the roof anymore. And Scott just took the wife and they picked out the colors. Just right as I see it now and she is very happy. Not only very polite, Scott has the ability to listen and guide better than a lot of salesmen we have met in a lifetime.
These items caught my attention and help make our decision to have Just Barns do our roof and I live where almost all of my neighbors are either roofers or work for them, lots of them. Very impressive was a young fellow named Jeff who came out and re-measured to be sure everything was right and that Just Barns knew exactly what we wanted. We personally thank him for his dedication to perfection, excellence and professionalisn. The reasons we selected Just Barns to do our roof are, one, when we recieved the Just Barns quote for the job, the final price does not and did not change as the work progresses. The contract listing all materials, procedures, cost and a start time was final and sealing. Two, when they start the job they stay with it until complete and you, the customer, are satisfied and happy, six professional experts, men working twelve hour days until complete. (And no swearing or cuss words were ever heard or anyone smoking was ever seen and they always, to the man, addressed my wife and I as either Sir or Ma'am.) Three, we wanted a roofing company who would be here when and if we had trouble some time down the road. Just Barns has been in business over twenty five years at the same area on Route 78. Four, we wanted to see and talk to customers they had worked for. We were given several and picked one. He was so excited about his new roof we became good friends talked for over two hours. He was quite the salesman. Everyone who works at Just Barns from the great secretary to the last person standing treated us with respect and kindness. To say we are pleased is an understatement.
Thank you very much,
Gary L.
Centerville, NY

Dear Dan, Mark, Ryan and your other excellent workers,

Many thanks for a job well-done.

Mary F
East Aurora, NY

Jeff & Scott-
Can't tell you how much I appreciate the great job you and your team did. Hats off to Dan! The roof looks incredible. Thanks for everything.
Tim G
West Falls, NY

Jeff and Scott,

Bruce and I just wanted to drop you a note and say how pleased we are with your work and especially workmen.

Dan and his crew were always hard working, professional and courteous. Other men who came on site were also careful with our property and even brought dirt to fill a hole made in the lawn, which was very considerate and unexpected. We will definitely recommend your company to others in the future and actually already have answered questions about your services.
Thank you,
Barb & Bruce W.
Hamburg, NY

Thanks for the great job-we will recommend you to all our friends.
Marla and Jim R.
West Seneca, NY
Hi Scott,

Just wanted to pass on how happy I was with the job your crew did on my roof. I was a little nervous about the color we picked but I think it looks really sharp!

I hope you are able to post a picture of it in your showroom but the guys were comitted to doing it right (in some rather inclement weather) and your lead man Ryan was an exceptional young man.

Thanks again for a great job!

Best regards,
Russ F
Alden, NY

Thanks for our roof. It looks great. The men that were here were really nice. We had fun with them.
Ryan was very good with explaining everything. He took alot of time with us.
We would recommend Just Barns to anyone.
Thanks again,
Chuck & Tina V.
Holland, NY

Joe and I would like to thank you so much for taking the time to work us into your busy schedule to make sure our roof was on before winter set in. It certainly has lifted a heavy weight off our shoulders as we had an issue with ice build up causing water damage inside our home. I doubt many businesses would have worked with us to make this happen. Again, thank you so much.
Joe and Judy P.
Perry, NY

Thank you very much for a beautiful job-my experience with Just Barns has been wonderful. Thanks Jeff, Scott, Dawn, and Danny and his crew.
Sandy C.
Marilla, NY

We are pleased and happy with the workmnaship and results from your compnay. We only regret not having done this a decade ago. It puts a pleasant smile on our faces and souls when we look out at the results you have made possible. Thank you for your first class results.
Your truly,
Shirley & Bob S.
Akron, NY

Just wanted to say how much I appreciate the fine job you all did in re-roofing my barn. I would rcommend you folks to anyone. Thanks Again!
Marty B
Alden, NY
We are very happy with the job that your crew did. Also we appreciate that you put snow guards on. We will be talking to you when we have the money to have the house done. i am very satisfied with the job you did and wouldn't think twice about recommending your company.

Nick P
West Seneca, NY
They did a very good job. Everything was kept neat and clean. The men were polite and friendly. Only one small complaint when it rains hard the valley makes the water shoot over the gutters to the sidewalk and flower beds.

Gary B
Delevan, NY
Dear Jeff and the Just Barns Team,

Thank you for a job well done. your crew did a great job and were very polite and hardworking. Have a great summer.

Frank D
East Aurora, NY

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